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PHS Band Students awarded 134 1st division medals at UIL Competition

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PHS Band Students awarded 134 1st division medals at UIL Competition

Plainview High School band students walked away with 134 1st division medals and 94 students qualifying to advance to the state competition following the Region 16 UIL Solo and Ensemble Contest held this past Saturday at Coronado High School in Lubbock.

PHS head band director Anthony Gonzales said this is one of the largest number of first division medals earned by the band in its history, and also one of the largest group of students advancing to the state competition in May.

The students advancing to state include 18 soloists and 23 miscellaneous ensembles involving 94 students. Many students are advancing to state in multiple events; some students are advancing with a solo and ensemble, others are advancing with two separate ensembles.

In order to advance to state in solo, the student must play a “Class 1” solo by memory and receive a first division rating from a judge.  Ensembles must also be a “Class 1” ensemble and receive a first division rating from a judge, but ensembles are not required to have their music memorized.  “Class 1” music events are the most challenging level on the UIL music list.

To prepare for the competition, students received daily coaching from the band staff and weekly private lessons from teachers who commute here from West Texas A&M University in Canyon.

“Students have shown tremendous dedication in preparation for this contest,” said assistant band director Katie Ziegler.  “We as a band staff could not be more proud and excited to see what these students will accomplish in the future.”

 Students were accompanied on the piano by Dr. Gary Belshaw, Mrs. Julia Franklin, and Mr. David Hawkins.

 Gonzales said the band staff is very appreciative of the effort put in by non-staff members to help these students excel and succeed.

During the performances, all students were required to set their own tempos and to start and end each piece together with no conductors in the room.  Ziegler explained this teaches students to be both self- and co-dependent within the ensemble and strengthens each musician in multiple ways.

Soloists advancing to state competition are John David Andrade, Orion Castaneda, Catherine Delgado, Austin Flores, Emily Franklin, Isaiah Garcia, Lori Gauntt, Jorge Gonzalez, Sasha Gonzalez, Lauren Hukill, Antonio Jaime, Sage Landeros, Colton Langston, Caleb Martin, Grayson Moore, Melody Parker, Donny Phillips, and Luke Prayor.

Students advancing to state in miscellaneous ensembles are (*denotes students advancing in multiple events):  Bracken Alexander*, Shavieya Alford, Steve Alford, John David Andrade*, Jeremiah Armijo, Marie Azua, Angela Banda, Misty Bass*, Benjamin Bozeman, Jayden Brush, Angel Cardiel, Hannah Cardy, Orion Castaneda*, Kimberly Cervera*, Catherine Delgado*, Ingrid DeSantiago, Nicolette Duquette, Anastasia Espinosa, Samuel Farr, Brenda Fenelon*, Fernando Flores, Jesus Flores-Rios, Alejandra Fraire, Emily Franklin*, Avery Gallegos, Andres Garcia, Isaiah Garcia*, Maria Garcia, Promesa Garcia, Mikael Gill, Victoria Gomez, Armando Gonzalez, Jorge Gonzalez*, Sasha Gonzalez*, LeeAnn Grimado, Gilbert Gutierrez, Jazmin Gutierrez, Camarie Henderson, Lidia Hernandez, Samantha Hernandez, Amanda Holt*, Lauren Hukill*, Jeramyah Juanes, Caleb Knox, Krista Landeros, Sage Landeros*, Colton Langston*, Gabby Lopez*, Sara Lopez, Natalia Luevano, Marco Martinez, Sara Mendoza, Virginia Monreal, Miranda Montoya*, Grayson Moore*, Mahogany Nails, Khalil Olalde*, Danielle Olivas*, Kaitlynn Ortiz*, Maira Plascencia, Eddie Ramirez, Angel Ramos, Sebastian Ramos, Arika Raybal, Trevor Reid*, Malachi Reyes, Ariel Reyna, Jordyn Roberts, Breanna Roden, Saiybree Ruiz*, Christian Rushin, Madison Saldivar, Anna Saucedo, Kathana Smith, Kamren Smock, Ashlyn Stennett, Lizzy Terry, David Lee Vazquez, Christian Wallace, Courtney Watson, Erin Wilkinson, Cody Wright, Eliah Ybarra, and Nathaniel Zapata.

Directors for the band program are Anthony Gonzales, David Martinez, John Jones, Katie Ziegler, Mark Franklin, Tracy Abbott, Tim Kelley, and Jerry Hernandez.

The State UIL Solo & Ensemble contest will be held Memorial Day Weekend at The University of Texas at Austin.