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Estacado NJHS inducts 22 new members


Estacado NJHS inducts new members

Twenty-two Estacado Middle School students were inducted into the Estacado Middle School chapter of the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) on Thursday evening at Estacado.

Selection for NJHS membership is an honor and induction of new members is an important tradition for the student, the chapter, and the school. The new inductees were selected because they meet the scholarship requirements – a 4.65 cumulative grade point average -  and have demonstrated by their activities their adherence to the society’s principles.

Seventh grade inductees include Erika Armas, Roland Bollinger,  Rana Cain, Alyssa Castillo, James Hall, Shirin Harleston, Eleazar Hernandez Jr., Susana Hernandez, Gavin Jones, Jose Lara, Kathryn Long, Nicole Martinez, Erika Medina, Campbell Offield, Nyah Rosas, Brianna Salazar, Amilee Thomas, Kelsie Valdez, Jordan Wallace, and Brooke Williams.

Eighth grade inductees are Gisselle Chavez and Jesus Rodriguez.

During the ceremony, the society’s principles - scholarship, leadership, service, citizenship, and character – were highlighted by members of the Plainview High School chapter of the National Honor Society. As a candle was lit to represent each of the principles, a PHS NHS member explained the importance of the principle to new members and those in attendance. Plainview High NHS members participating include Priya Bhakta, Scholarship; LeeAnn Grimaldo; Leadership; Madi Rossi, Service; Breanna Roden, Citizenship; and Lily Garcia, Character.  

Humberto Gonzalez, who works with the Plainview ISD migrant program, led the charge and was guest speaker for the event.

Gonzalez spoke on perseverance, sharing that he once had a coach and mentor that started each day by saying “a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.”

“It meant there was a new season, a team to bond with, trust to create, goals to accomplish, but it all started in the beginning with one step,” he said. “There is a process.  Many of you aspire to do great things, but we cannot set goals and just get there.  There is a journey we must follow. There are things we must do. People we must encounter in order for us to get to the end.”

“It is evident that you have taken that first step and you are making strides along your journey. You being here proves that not only have you taken that first step in making your education important, but that you are continuing on the right path on your journey to success. But like any journey, your path will not be straight and it will not be easy. There are twists and turns along the way.

Mr. Gonzalez shared with students some of the personal struggles that he has overcome in his life.

“All of us have obstacles along our way trying to keep us off the path to success. I have shared a little of mine as I congratulate you for being here. None of us know your story and the things you have had to do to get here. All of us have obstacles, but instead of making excuses you have looked at those obstacles and leapt over them and you are here.”

“Know that although you may face obstacles, you are not alone. Take a look around.  You have your parents, your teachers, your family. There are people here who want the very best for you.”

“You are going to meet a lot of people along your journey, be kind. Be kind to the kids you meet in school. Extend a hand to them.  Be caring. Be smart about the people who you allow to walk by your side on your journey. Mare sure no one slows you down. And don’t be in a hurry to grow up.  Enjoy the time. I wish you all the very best. Thank you for having me here to celebrate you.”

Counselor Marci Owens introduced each of the new inductees.

Estacado principal Ritchie Thornton, with the assistance of NJHS advisor Jolee Dietrich presented  certificates to the new inductees. Aylenn Aranda and Mia DeLaRosa presented membership pins. Katlyn Ocanas and Michaela Gonzales presented membership cards.

New inductees participated in a candle lighting ceremony and recited the following pledge to complete their induction into the school's chapter: “I pledge myself to uphold the high purposes of the Estacado National Junior Honor Society to which I have been selected. I will be true to the principles for which it stands. I will be loyal to my school and will maintain and encourage high standards of Scholarship, Service, Leadership and Character.”

NJHS is a national recognition program established in 1929 and found in schools in every state and more than 70 countries. The Estacado chapter was established in 1997.

Returning members of the Estacado NJHS are Caleb Aguirre, Joseph Alcozer, Ayleen Aranda, Tessa Barrett, Crystal Brace, Mia Delarosa, Janelley Espara, Christina Garcia, Deysi Garcia, Charles, Gipson, Michaela Gonzales, Trey Morales, Katlyn Ocanas, Tyler Rodriguez, Samm Rollins, and Adam Villa.

Members of the NJHS Faculty Council include Staci Barrett, Megan Bauer, Anita Garcia,  Linda Hall, and Nancy Hannon.