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School Hours
 8:15 a.m. - 3:45 p.m.
Bell Schedule
1st Period     8:20 - 9:04
(Breakfast     8:15 - 8:20)

2nd Period    9:08 - 9:54

3rd Period     9:58 – 10:44

4th Period    10:48 – 11:34
(7th Grade Lunch/ Advisory)

5th Period    11:38 – 12:24
(6th Grade Lunch/ Advisory)

6th Period    12:28 – 1:14
(8th Grade Lunch/ Advisory)

7th Period    1:18 – 2:04

8th Period    2:08 – 2:54

9th Period    2:58 – 3:44


2014-2015 District Instructional



Ritchie Thornton, Principal
2200 W. 20th
Plainview, TX  79072
Phone: (806) 293-6015
Fax 806.296.4169



  • Yearbooks are on sale now for $40.00 per book. You may deposit $10 now and pay the balance off by December 19th.
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  • POPS = Power Of Parental Support

    POPS provides opportunities for parents and guardians to positively impact our student’s lives.


    Friday, November 21st - “Networking”

    Do you know who your teen hangs out with at school? Visit during lunch and talk to the students your child eats with each day.

    Friday, December 19th - “Holiday Fun”

    Treat your teen by enjoying lunch with him/her and listening to our awesome stage band play during lunch on this day!

    Friday, February 13th - “Drama, Drama, Drama”!

    Come eat lunch with your teen and be entertained by our Theatre Arts students as they perform fun and exciting skits!

    Friday, March 27th – “Mix it Up at Lunch”.

    Encourage your teen to sit at a different table during lunch. Promote your child’s ability to step “out of his/her comfort zone” and make new friends.

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